Brand Ambassador Benefits

As a brand ambassador you have the potential to make easy, passive income. 

  • discounts on all purchases using the code found in your dashboard at checkout
  • 10% commission on all referral sales based on tiers
  • Exclusive shopping
  • Networking/Exposure

As a brand ambassador you have the potential to make easy, passive income. Post your code and your link on your social medias and share with friends. When they purchase you get paid 10% of the purchase amount no matter the amount, meaning there's no cap to the amount you can make on a sale. 

Get paid every month through paypal. 

Get access to exclusive merch through our Exclusive Link.

We'll use your content, pictures and videos, on our social media accounts and website. We get traffic from thousands of new visitors every month and your face will be who they see to represent our brand. They'll be able to follow you and see the looks you create with Dezired Beauty. 

More information on your affiliate link can be found under the post Affiliate Code and Link or in your brand ambassador dashboard which you can access here. Need help with what to post? Check out our post here for some tips. Check out ambassador accessories to help you be successful. 

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