Mystery Gift

Mystery gifts are our gifts to you as Boss Brand Ambassadors. We truly appreciate you all and enjoy working with you. Feel free to add the Mystery Gift item to your cart after choosing your size and we'll send you an item! Just pay the flat rate shipping fee of $6.50 or add it on to an order you're already placing. 

Use this merch to create content and boost your referral sales. We try to get to know each of you individually and your sense of style, we'll always try to send you something we think you personally would love. 

Find the Mystery Gift under the Exclusive Link, it will be the first item on page 1.


  • 1 mystery gift per order
  • 1 order every month
  • Must make a post for the gift within 30 days of receiving (visit how to post to see what we're looking for)
  • The gift could be be an outfit (new, existing, or a last size no longer online), jewelry, lashes, or shoes. 


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