What to post

Content Ideas:

  • What I ordered vs what I got
  • Get dressed with me
  • Before and after
  • Try on haul
  • Style an outfit
  • This or that 
  • Different ways to style a piece
  • Describe a piece/merch
  • Be talking about anything else, but wearing Dezired Beauty merch



  • Great lighting. Go outside and use natural lighting or use a ring light. 
  • Leave more space at the top of your photo (above your head) it looks better when it's posted on a feed. 
  • Show your whole outfit taking full body pictures, not selfies (unless you're advertising lashes)
  • Have a nice aesthetic. Go outside to take your picture or you can go somewhere that has a nice background or a solid background.
  • Do not use heavy filters 

These photos and videos need to have great quality in order to be used for content.


Posing ideas

  • Check out Pinterest and TikTok for videos on tips for how to pose in your pictures. 
  • Checkout our IG to see how other Babes are posing for inspiration.


Editing Help:

  • You can use apps like Canva to help with content editing or Adobe Photoshop for more professional editing. 
  • Up your exposure or try an auto adjust on your phone to take your original photo to the next level. 


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