Affiliate Code and Link

Let’s make that passive income! Read these tips on how to get more traffic through your link, how to post your code, and more. 

If you’re not sure what your link is or where to find your code visit our post Getting Started for more information. 

Your affiliate code is the same one that you created when filling out your application for the brand ambassador program. Your affiliate link is generated for you after approval. This code and link are specific to you and when either are used for a purchase you get paid! 



When to use your code:

  • You can post your code in your bio though the affiliate link is most recommended, or you could do both. 
  • When posting on Instagram, TikTok and platforms where you can't post a link in your captions. Post your code "Use (my) code [affiliate code] at checkout for money off your purchase". You can tell people how much they'll save, or you can let it be a surprise for them at checkout. 


Where to post your link:

  • Your social media bios
  • Your Instagram stories
  • Picture/Video captions
  • Attach your link to pictures or videos you post for click through traffic like Pinterest



The more you post your link the more traffic you'll get. The more you share your code the more likely it will be used. Put it out there whenever you can. 

Shorten your affiliate link with the website Bitly to make it look more appealing for your bios on your social media accounts. If you have multiple links for your bio use a platform like Link Tree to be able to post multiple links in one location. 

If you're unsure of your code or would like to change your code, please visit the brand ambassador dashboard here. You can also check your earnings as well; you'll receive an email every time a referral sale is made and when you get paid.